We provide local production experts for your filming in Belgium.

Initial Research

We are working together with a visiting crew and provide them with any services they require here.

Pre-Production, Permits, Fixers, Locations, Interviews with experts

IPLIVE provides full production coordination services for film, TV and video productions in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
A fixer is a local coordinator, production manager, or field producer.

The great experience of producing and providing production services in Belgium proves that this area never ceases to attract documentary filmmakers, feature film, TV drama and other producers.
Whether our customers are interested in city locations - countrysides, or want to follow a story related to the history of Belgium, we offer producers a wide range of services to facilitate an affordable production at the highest professional standard.

We often provide productions with a full package of services – from initial research to coordination, filming and post production. In many cases, the director or producer are the only ones traveling to Belgium, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff. In other cases, we are working together with a visiting crew and provide them with any services they require here.

We have a coordinator, or fixer, running each production. The fixer is the local key person in the production. All our fixers / coordinators are very experienced in planning and producing documentary, corporate or commercial shoots. Before the filming begins, the coordinator / fixer will obtain all the necessary filming permits. He will book and coordinate the camera crew, drivers, talents the other professional we work with. While the fixer is with the crew in the filming locations, he or she is constantly in touch with the office, providing them with news alerts, logistical assistance and online research work when needed.

Pre-Production Services in BENELUX
Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands

Research & Ideas
Coordination & Access to Locations
The fixer is taking care of all the rest…

Production Services
Filming Crews
Camera Gear
Lighting Gear
Sound Recording
Hotels (Lodging)
Location Management
Archive Research
Aerial filming
Post-Production Services
Format transfer and conversion
Corporate & Commercial Productions
Fundraiser video
TV Reports / Current Affairs Productions
Uplink and transmission